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4 Jan 2003
The Internet as it is meant to be!Sion
Full title: The Internet as it is meant to be! Publisher: klup

A group of people from all over the world has united to provide websurfers with objective and independent information through the Internet. They have chosen the interface to do so!

28 Dec 2002
Building a Klupinfo internet portalSion
Full title: Building a internet portal. Publisher: klup offers you the possibility to reach a large audience and to inform them on your favorite theme or subject. Without any technical knowledge you'll be able to build your own internet portal.

28 Dec 2002
Klupinfo guide profileSion
Full title: guide profile Publisher: klup

Building an internet portal at isn't easy because of the high quality standard maintains. Is building a internet portal something for you?

28 Dec 2002
Quality standards of KlupinfoSion
Full title: Quality standards of Publisher: klup

Visitors should be able to find the information they're looking for. To make the search for information on a lot easier, uses a fixed house style.

23 Nov 2002
Application form to become a guide
Full title: Application form to become a guide Publisher: klup

With this form you can apply to become member of the team.